sábado, 24 de abril de 2010

Dancing with God

There was a time when my feet couldn't dance, quite right
It was before I met Jesus; my heart didn't feel light
My heart was sorrowful; my feet felt out of place
It was because I hadn't yet let Jesus steer the pace.
He gave me a gentle nudge in the heart one night
And when my heart started dancing my feet danced right.
Swinging and swaying the way He wanted me to go.
It was a wonder to my heart and, I just loved Him so.
He took my hand and guided me out onto the floor of life.
Isn't it funny, there is never anymore, very much strife?
He tells me He loves me and in His hands, He holds me.
He guides me and helps me when the stars, I can't see.
He guided me and swayed me, to let Him into my heart
And it's such a joy living, I never want from Him, to part.
When I get to Heaven maybe He'll dance me on streets of gold,
With all the awesome wonders up there to behold.
So behold the wonder of His step take the chance
This is an awesome God who will teach you to dance.
He'll never steer you wrong just listen to His word.
He'll nudge your heart right and it will feel as light as a bird.
©Pearlie Duncan Walker